In the Fall of 2016, Woodland struck a partnership to represent the Eltec line of forestry equipment in British Columbia. Eltec’s impressive purpose built machines and their distinct attention to over-achieving (ex. using oversized hydraulics, adding extra horsepower, and fine tuning particular aspects of their machines to the feedback they receive from actual users and buyers) made them a great addition to the Woodland stable of equipment.  Eltec (Element Technologies) is a purely Canadian, family owned company and a great fit for the values we hold dear at Woodland.


We are equipped and qualified to handle all servicing of the Eltec line, and with almost a million dollars in stocked parts, repairs and maintenance are completed with minimal downtime. What Woodland doesn’t have in stock can be quickly brought in from Val-d’Or (Quebec) where these amazing machines are manufactured.


Feedback from buyers of the Eltec equipment has been nothing short of fantastic. Woodland feels this to be the start of a long and successful journey with one of the best equipment manufacturers to come from Canada in a long time.

Thank You!

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